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In the beginning we were only planning on providing our customers with services in the form of private enterprise. During this period, the domestic machinery manufacture the majority of companies were subcontractors. In February 2005, we have created the Process Tech-Bt., Which is developing the Hungarian automation industry broke out in a very small slice. During our operation we were able to take on more and more tasks that were successfully solved. Once we saw that the comprehensive solutions offered by our company there is a significant need in the market in November 2005, we decided that we follow the growth of organizational form, and therefore established the Process-Tech Sales & Service Ltd.. . This development was followed in November 2006 moved into the new site, which is the engineering activities of the different production technologies and projects, realized that programming under one roof. Thus we have the European requirements in appropriate circumstances could operate a 360 m2 area.

In spring 2010 a new, more modern premises Balatonalmádi moved to where the various manufacturing processes already taking place in parts of separate hall 470 m2, which includes an additional 60 m2 of office, thereby ensuring that all colleagues for the calm necessary for working area. Since the existence of several national and international work is behind us, which is a precise and flexible team forged us together, coupled with high professional skills. In addition to professional expertise essential to the development of technical background. In practice since 2005, continued progress in this respect. The information will be updated continuously in the background, our machinery and tools as well. In 2009 we set up water cutting equipment, which the periods and reduced to a fraction of the cost of production. In 2010, following the trend of two CNC machines were added to the plant. There are now, one of the initial goals achieved, according to the deadlines and maintain quality, to protect our own, without the involvement of subcontractors able to perform complex tasks.






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