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Our range of domestic and foreign suppliers are linked. Below are some of these names is a key partner with whom we are in daily contact:

TruLon Kkt. Binartech Vegyterv IS Zrt.
Ferro-Trio Bt. DD-Inox Kft. Fehér Művek Kft.
FESTO Kft. CPH Kft. OMRON Electronics Kft.
Lőrincz Kft. Ammeraal Beltech Kft. Habasit Hungária Kft.
SEW-Eurodrive Kft. Agisys Kft. El&Me Irányítástechnika Kft.
Rexroth Kft. Feming Kft. Biotek Kft.
Fabory Kft. Metrikont Kft.  




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